Map of Halletts Cove in Old Astoria, 1873

I've long sought an early map of Halletts Cove and Halletts Point from the days before it was known as Astoria, but the earliest I've found is this map, from F.W. Beers "Atlas of Long Island", 1873:

(Click the image for a larger version.)

I'm fortunate enough to have an original of the above map, which is actually quite large. The version pictured above is courtesy of Long Island Geneology (visit and support their site!), and can be found here:   – the version there may be somehwat more readable. The original in my possession is spectacularly crisp, and clearly shows the estates of famous old Newtown families, including the Halletts, the Rikers, the Halseys and others.

Comparing this image to the one below of modern day Astoria, and you'll quickly be able to identify some of the old and new road names – assuming your eyesight is miraculous. When time allows, I'll update this post with more information on old and new road names. One day, with luck, I'll be able to superimpose the original land grants and show the extent of the entire property of William Hallett, Sr. (b.1616).

My larger point of posting this is to put out a general inquiry: Has anyone come across earlier maps of Halletts Cove and Halletts Point? If so, post about it below, or email me! [email protected]

About Will Hallett

Will Hallett is an 11th generation descendant of William Hallett (b.1616) and Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett. He currently makes his home in Nassau County on Long Island's North Shore, within view of the Connecticut coastal area from where Elizabeth and William departed for New Amsterdam in 1648, and a short drive from the place they settled on Long Island, a place that bore their name for over two centuries, Hallett's Cove, Newtown, Long Island, NY - now known as Astoria.
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