William Hallett (b.1718)

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General Information: William Halett (b.1718)

Father: Joseph Hallett (b.1667/8)   Mother: Lydia Blackwell (b.1668), Daughter of Robert Blackwell (b.1643) of Blackwells (now Roosevelt) Island

Born:  ____, 1718; alternate sources have a year of birth as 1712.

Died: _____ unconfirmed: 1796, St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada

Life: Surprisingly, not much is known of this William Hallett, based on the prominence of his parents and their families in their day. This much is known: At the age of 45 (if you go with the 1718 year of birth), he had at least one daughter, Phebe, born in 1763. Phebe, a 5th generation descendant of William Hallett, Jr. (b.1648) married Samuel Hallett (b.1761), a 5th generation descendant of Samuel Hallett, Sr. (b.1650)


Uncomfirmed: Possibly Jemima ?


Phebe Hallett (b. 1763) – see notes above.

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