William Hallett (b.1795)

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General Information:

Born: 9 Sept 1795

Died: 11 April 1833

Early Life:


Wilhelmina Sophia Fredericks (b.1794) b. 2 Dec 1794 Germany d. 1 Aug 1832

m. 24 May 1817 in New York


1. Maria Catherine Hallett (b.1818) b. 21 Feb 1818 d. 16 Mar 1893

2. William Hallett (b.1819) b. 3 Oct 1819 d. 13 Jul 1836

3. Phebe Amanda Hallett (b.1822) b. 6 Feb 1822 d. 7 Feb 1825

4. Samuel James Hallett (b.1824) b. 16 Apr 1824 d. 6 Feb 1895

Samuel appears to be a very important person in terms of at least some the transfer of the remaining original land of Hallett's Cove, and likely the collection of family documents. According to documents in my possession, it appears that he was the heir to his cousin's inheritance, the daughter of Steven Hallett, who had maintained control of much of the property. It appears from there that at least some of the property was transferrred to Samuel J.'s brother, Charles Wesley Hallett, Sr., then to Charles's son Walter E. Hallett. The last remaining piece of property, a small, narrow strip unsuitable for building, was then willed to Walter's nephew, Charles Wesley Hallett, III, and was sold in the 1960's. I will examine the documents more carefully and post an update to this as time allows.

m. Catherine Carpenter (b.1824) b 1 Apr 1824 d. 8 Apr 1855 m. 19 Aug 1847 in New York

m. Eveline Deveau (b.1835) b. _____ 1835  d.19 May 1894 m. 5 Mar 1857 in New York

Children: Samuel and Eveline had 11 children, the youngest was:

Elbert Hallett (b.1876) b. 7 Sept 1876 d. 30 Apr 1925

Elbert is significant in the history of the Hallett Funeral Home of Flushing. Some time well after his Uncle, Charles Wesley Hallett, Sr. (b.1831) founded the Astoria funeral business in 1854, Elbert established a funeral business in Flushing at his home at 163 Amity Street, now known as Roosevelt Avenue. Two weeks before his death in 1925, Elbert sold his funeral business to Charles Wesley's grandson, Howard L. Hallett, Sr., my grandfather, who by that time had taken over the Astoria business from Frederick T. Hallett. This effectively merged the two businesses as Hallett and Hallett, Inc., and eventually Howard L. Hallett, Sr. gave up the Astoria location, and moved the Flushing business to it's most well know location at The Hallett Homestead on 147th St. and Northern Boulevard.

Click here to view Elbert Hallett's Death Notice – Obituary

Elbert Hallett's wife was Harriet Nichols Hallett (b.1874), and they had one son, Elbert W. Hallett, Jr. born on 9 Dec 1898. After enlisting in the Navy in 1918, Elbert Jr. reported to the Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois on September 11th of that year. Tragically, he contracted Spanish Flu in the great influenza pandemic while in Illinois and died 20 days later. In the obituary of Elbert Sr., it makes reference to his son's passing and infers that he never fully recovered from the loss.

Click here to view Elbert Hallett, Jr.'s WWI Discharge Papers

5. Baker Peter Hallett (b.1828) b. 15 Dec 1828 d. 18 Oct 1831

6. Charles Wesley Hallett, Sr. (b.1831) b. 16 Jul 1831 d. 2 Jun 1914

Later Years:

Other Information:

Primary Source Documents:

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