This site is intended to document information about William Hallett (b.1616)  and Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett (b.1610) and their descendants, who arrived in Dutch New Amsterdam in 1649 from Bridgeport, Connecticut and earlier from Dorsetshire, England. William and Elizabeth are my direct ancestors.

William and Elizabeth had two sons, William Jr. (b.1648) and Samuel (b.1650). I am descended from both, as noted at generation 5, where Phebe Hallett (b.1763) and Samuel Hallett (b.1761) married.

My personal lineage is as follows:

Generation 1 William and Elizabeth  
Generation 2 Samuel (b.1650) William Jr. (b1648)
Generation 3 Samuel Jr. (b.1678) Joseph (b.1678)
Generation 4 Jacob (b. 1719) William (b.1718)
Generation 5 Samuel (b.1761) Phebe (b.1763)
Generation 6 William (b.1795)  
Generation 7 Charles Wesley Sr. (b.1831)  
Generation 8 Charles Wesley Jr. (b.1858)  
Generation 9 Howard Leslie Sr. (b.1889)  
Generation 10 Donald Sr. (b.1924)  

My hope is that others will find useful information about their Hallett heritage and the history of Long Island through this site, however all are encouraged to read and heed the disclaimer.

If you have Hallett information you would like to share, please email me at [email protected]


Will Hallett (11th generation from William Hallett, b.1616)

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