Joseph Hallett (b.1677/8)

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General Information:

Born: 4 March 1677/8  

Father: William Hallett, Jr. (b.1648)   Mother: Sarah Woolsey (b.1650) b. 3 Aug 1650 d. 18 Aug 1727

Died: 23 November 1750

Early Life:

Other records have Joseph as "Joseph Josiah Hallett"


Lydia Blackwell (b.1678) m. 23 Dec 1702 in Newtown; d. sometime before 1728.

Lydia Blackwell is the daughter of Robert Blackwell (b.1643) and Mary Manningham of Blackwell's (now Roosevelt) Island.

Lydia's sister Bridget Blackwell (b.1677) married Joseph Hallett's first cousin, Samuel Hallett, Jr. (b.1678)

Obtaining a reliable, accurate list of the children of Joseph and Lydia has proven somewhat frustrating. By some accounts there were eleven children. 


1. Joseph Hallett (b.1704) b. 14 Aug 1704 d. 14 Dec 1731; m. Lydia Alsop

2. Moses Hallett (b.1706) b.1706 d. 29 Dec 1731; m. Mary Blackwell

3. Robert Hallett (b.1708) b. 1708 d. 1792; m. Phebe Hallett; m. Lydia Pidgeon; m. Ruth Leverich

4. Jacob Hallett (b. 1710) b. 1710 d. _______; m. Mercy Betts

5. Richard Hallett (b.1712) 

6. Thomas Hallett (b.1714) b. 10 May 1714 d. 12 August 1779; m. Anna Moore

7. William Hallett (b.1718)

8. Nathaniel Hallett (b.1720)

9. Samuel Hallett (b.1722) b.1722 d. 13 Dec 1796, St. Johns, New Brunswick; m. Jemima Betts; m. Elizabeth Lamb


Later Years:

Other Information:

Primary Source Documents:

Riker, Annals of Newtown p.403; Queens Public Library Hist. Coll.4:100

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