Samuel Hallett, Sr. (b.1650)

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General Information:

Born  1650

Died  27 December, 1724

Early Life:


Name of spouse unknown.


1. Samuel Hallett (b.1678) b. 1678 d.1756; m. Bridget Blackwell

2. Hannah Hallett b. _____; d. ______ ; m. John Washburn 1704

3. Elizabeth Hallett b. _____ ; d._____ ; m. Col. John Jackson

4. Grace Hallett b. ______ ; d. _______; m. Lewis Hewlett

5. Mercy Hallett b. ______ ; d. _______; m. _____ Cornell

6. Martha Hallett b. ______ ; d. _______ ; m James Hazard, Esq.

Later Years:

Other Information:

Primary Source Documents:

Jones Family Genealogy p.274-7 in Queens Public Library Archives Room; Van Wyck Family Genealogy in Queens Public Library Archives Room; NY Historical Society Coll 1902:40; Shotwell Annals p.264

Last Will and Testament of Samuel Hallett, Sr. (b.1650)

In the name of God, Amen. I, SAMUEL HALLETT, of Newtown, in Queens

County, being sickly and weak. I leave to my daughters, Elizabeth

Jackson, Grace Hewlett, Mercy Cornell, and Martha Hazzard, 2 horses, 2

cows, six yearlings, and 210 pounds which is due to me by the bond of

John French, of NY, and 24 pounds due me from said John French and his

son-in-law, Edward Earle, and also the produce of a certain horse now in

the hands of Edmond Haynes, and all my household goods except a cedar

chest and 4 pounds in the hands of my son, Samuel Hallett. All to be

divided equally between them. I leave to my son Samuel, all the rest of

my estate, real and personal, and he is to pay all debts. And he is to

pay 6 pounds to my granddaughters, Mary Cornell, Hannah Washburn, and

Sarah Hazzard. I make my son Samuel, and my son-in-law, James Hazzard,


Dated October 7, 1716.


Joseph Hallett,

Thomas Jones,

Peter Berrian.

Proved, May 16, 1727

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