As the author of this website, I feel it is extremely important that readers understand that I am NOT a professional genealogist, and as much as I desire to be accurate, in no way can I warrant or certify the accuracy of the contents. While I cite primary sources where available and others may also cite these same sources, READERS ARE WARNED NOT TO USE OR REFERENCE THIS WEBSITE ITSELF AS A PRIMARY SOURCE. 

While I have and will continue to make every reasonable effort to put forth what I believe to be accurate information and have provided primary sources where available, there will undoubtedly be scholarly information that will come my way and either refute or verify the information provided. As this information is obtained, I will of course update the site.

Genealogy, as a profession, is desperately difficult and I applaud the professionals who dedicate their lives to uncovering and preserving historical accuracy. This site is merely my attempt to document my family's history as best I know it, and I welcome comments and feedback and corrections from everyone, from genealogy professionals and anyone else, who like me, simply share an interest of the Halletts of Newtown.

Comments and corrections? New or additional information? You can reach me via email: [email protected]

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the site!

Will Hallett (11th generation from William Hallett, b.1616), Webmaster.


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