Charles Wesley Hallett, Jr. (b.1858)

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General Information:

Born 17 Feb 1858

Died 6 Feb 1920

Early Life:


1. Ida Bowen Crowninshield (b.1862) d.1905


Howard Leslie Hallett (b.1889)  b. 14 Mar 1889; d. _____1949

Frederick Christy Hallett (b.1885) d.1892

Alfred Kenneth Hallett (b.1890) b. 8 Oct 1890 ; d. 19 Oct 1961

Alfred is a great uncle that I never knew existed until I saw his name on my grandparents wedding certificate, dated 1911. From what I have been able to find, Alfred obtained a graduate degree from New York University, and was a World War I Veteran. He became a CPA and lived in Montclair, NJ for a time, then moved to Homestead, Florida sometime in the 1940's.

Alfred Kenneth Hallett, 1920

Charles Wesley Hallett III (b.1894) b. 24 Aug 1894 d. 8 Dec 1977

m. Helen Katherine Karges (b.1898)  b. 5 Jul 1898 on 3 Apr 1917

This is my Great Uncle Wes, of whom I have many, many fond memories. A prominent New York banker and later part of the Hallett Funeral buisness, he retired to Newport, New Hampshire where he and his wife Helen had a beautiful home and Clock Museum. I was fortunate enough to visit them there with my family many times. Uncle Wes was quite interested in genealogy, and was instrumental in preserving many family documents and the history of the Halletts of Newtown.

L to R – The Siblings: Alfred K., Florence M., Howard L., Edith M., and Charles Wesley c.1935

Florence May Hallett (b.1884) b. 1 June 1884 d. 13 Nov 1972

m. Dr. William Henry Areson (b.1874)

Florence, who I cannot claim to remember, also lived for a time in Montclair, NJ – perhaps this explains how or why Alfred was there at least for a time. Florence's husband, William H. Areson was a prominent physician in Montclair. NJ. I do recall meeting their son, Dr. William Henry Areson, Jr. at his home in New Jersey, some time in the late 1970's or perhaps early 1980's, well before his death in 2000 – he impressed me as a very bright physician, a gentleman, and very definitely proud of his Hallett lineage.

Edith Mabel Hallett (b.1887) d.

Gertrude Hallett (b.1893) d. 1893

Gladys Hallett (b.1896) d.1898

2. Elizabeth (Bessie) Turner Renfrew (b.1883) d. 1935


Christina Allison Hallett (b.1912) d.

Later Years:

Other Information:

Primary Source Documents:

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