William Hallett, Jr. (b.1648)

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William Hallett, Jr. undoubtedly lived an extraordinary life in early America, having been born in Greenwich and relocating as an infant with his parents to Hallett's Cove on the property that had been the farm of Jacques Bentyn, only to see this new home burned to the ground by the local Indians in 1655, when he and his younger brother Samuel were a mere 7 and 6 years old, respectively!

William is noted in various sources as Captain, in charge of a local militia foot company. He is also noted to have been a Magistrate.

General Information

Born  1648 in Greenwich, CT

Father: William Hallett, Sr. (b.1616)  Mother: Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett (b.1616)

Died August 18, 1729, Newtown, LI NY


Sarah Woolsey, Daughter of George Woolsey, ab. 1669


1. William Hallett, III (b.1670)  b. Dec 10, 1670 d. January 24th, 1707/8

William Hallett, III (b.1670) his wife and children were murdered by two of their slaves on January 24th, 1708. In the abstract cited below, he is referred to as "JR." and his father as "Sr." – somewhat confusing and technically incorrect since his grandfather is William Hallett (b.1616).

Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665-1707, New York Historical Society Collections, 1892, abstracts of wills on file at the Surrogates Office, City of New York, 1665 to 1701.

Page 492.–An Inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of WILLIAM HALLETT, JR., late of Newtown in Queens County, Gentleman, deceased, "who together with his wife and 5 children was barbarously murdered on ye 24th day of January, 1707, by two of his own slaves." 2 horses, œ10; 2 mares, œ5; 2 colts, œ3; 7 cows, 19.5s.; 29 sheep, œ8.15; 1 silver Tankard, œ7; 7 spoons, œ16.6s.; 57 1/2 bushels of wheat at 4s., œ11.10s. No total given, but list shows very extensive farm and farming products and utensils. Exhibited as a true Inventory by William Hallett, Sr., administrator, June 1, 1708.

2. Sarah Hallett (b.1672) b. March 19, 1672/73 d. _______; m. Rev. George Phillips, Presbyterian Minister at Brookhaven, LI

Reverend George Phillips b. June 3, 1664 d. April 3rd, 1739 was a graduate of Harvard in 1686. He and Sarah lived in Setauket, LI. They had 6 children.

3. Rebecca Hallett (b.1675) b. August 31, 1675, Newton, LI NY  d. April 12, 1730, NY – Rocky Hill, LI.; m. James Jackson

4. Joseph Hallett (b.1678)  b. March 04, 1678/79; d. 1758.; m. Lydia Blackwell; m. Mary Greenoak

5. Moses Hallett (b.1681) b. January 19, 1680/81; d. 1708 m. ____ Fitch

6. George Hallett (b.1683) b. April 05, 1683 d. _______; m. Priscilla Allen

7. Charity Hallett (b.1685)  b. March 16, 1684/85; m. Samuel Moore

8. Mary Hallett (b.1687), b. October 22, 1687; d. 1743; m. Jacob Blackwell

9. Elizabeth Hallett (b.1689) b. April 12, 1689; m. John Fish

10. Richard Hallett (b.1691) b. November 17, 1691; d. May 19, 1769, Newton, LI, NY; m. Amy Bowne; m. Ann Miller

Primary Source Documents and Information:

NEHG 48:216; Riker, Annals of Newtown; NYGB 8:48; NYGB 6:28; Shotwell Annals p.264


Last Will and Testament of William Hallett, Jr. (b.1648)

In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM HALLETT, of Hellgate Neck, in Newtown, Queens County, being very infirm and weak. I leave to my son Joseph (my eldest son now living), all my houses, lands, tenements, and meadows, with all improvements, situate at Hellgate Neck.

Beginning at a great Rock in the valley of the southwest of the Ridge, and ranging from the rock south easterly 40 Degrees, to a certain marked tree in the woods, 300 rods. Ranging from the marked tree North easterly along the Purchase line, 47 Degrees to a stone set in the ground and marked W. H. on the one side, and S. H. on the other side, 178 rods. Ranging thence along the fence as it now stands to a stone set in the ground on the east side of my gate, at the end of the lane by my orchard. Ranging thence along the orchard 36 rods, thence along the Garden 16 rods. From thence down to the Purchase line, that comes through Hellgate. From thence to the mouth of the Great Creek, thence to the little creek, from thence to the Great Rock, the first station. And he is to have the equal privilege of the lane with Samuel Hallett; as it is now fenced, from the stone, by my gate to the water side, so down west to the Purchase line. Except a certain tract of land and buildings, given to my son, Moses Hallett, by a deed, June 7, 1708. To him, my son, Joseph Hallett, and his heirs male, and in default of such, then to my son, George Hallett, and his heirs male. And in default to my son Richard and his heirs male, and in default of such to my female heirs, forever.

I also leave to my son Joseph, a negro man, and a negro wench, and a waggon, plough, and my great riding horse, and a cupboard, and the Great Table and great chest, and my silver Tankard.

I leave to my sons, George and Richard, and to my grandson, Joseph Hallett, and to my daughters, Sarah Phillips,Rebecca Jackson, Sarah Blackwell, and Charity Moore, certain negroes.

I leave to my true and loving wife, one third of the remainder of all my movable estate, and the privilege of the chamber in the stone house, during widowhood. And my son Joseph is to furnish her sufficient support and firewood.

I leave two thirds of my movables to my five daughters, Sarah Phillips, Rebecca Jackson, Charity Moore, Mary Blackwell, and Elizabeth Fish. And my son Joseph is to keep for his mother, four head of cattle, winter and summer.

I leave to my sons, Joseph and George, all my apparell.

I make my wife Mary, and my sons, and James Jackson, and Samuel Moore, executors.

Dated September 16, 1727. Witnesses, Samuel Hallett, Samuel Hallett, Jr., Samuel Richards. (No probate recorded. Endorsed, August 23, 1729.)


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